Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning - Clean Evaporator Coil
Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Are you looking for an air conditioner coil cleaning service?  All Temp Refrigeration and Heating provides trusted professional AC service to Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and other local Arizona cities.  Before cleaning the coils the first thing you should check is that you have a clean air filter installed.  Keeping the air filter clean can dramatically reduce the need for air conditioner coil cleaning and should be done on a monthly basis.  If your asking “Do I need to clean my air conditioner’s coils ?” you should know that dirty coils can lead to many issues with your Air Conditioners operation.

  • Air flow is restricted
  • Coils buildup ice
  • Cooling efficiency is reduced
  • Mold or mildew may grow
  • Compressor damage

Poor Air Flow Through AC Unit’s Coils

Your home’s ventilation system is designed to deliver a certain amount of CFM of air to the various zones in your house.  When the air flow is slowed due to the buildup of dust and debris on the evaporator coil your HVAC system must work harder.  Longer run times contribute to higher costs on your electric bill.  A thorough air conditioner coil cleaning must be preformed to restore proper air flow to your house.  Once the coils become packed with debris a little air conditioner coil cleaning solution can make a big difference in performance.

Iced Up Evaporator Coil

Moisture in the air hits the cold evaporator coils and condenses on them.  Your AC system relies on air flow to dehumidify or remove the moisture.  When it isn’t able to remove the water fast enough the water can freeze and turn into ice.  Ice buildup can continue to occur until an air conditioner coil cleaning has been done.  The ice further reduces the air flow allowing more ice to build.  The problem gets worse and may eventually stop all air flow to your house.

Reduction in efficiency due to lack of air conditioner coil cleaning

An air conditioning system will continue to operate until it reaches the desired temperature inside your house.  If the evaporator coil is blocked with dirt the system will not be able to cool as good as it could if it were clean.  The evaporator coil is responsible for removing heat from the air circulated over it and into your home.  Heat transfer is reduced if the air cannot make good contact with the coil.  The only way for the A/C system to compensate is to run longer.  The increase in run time will raise your operating cost and negatively affect your power bill.

Dirty Air Conditioning Coils May Cause Mold Or Mildew Growth

Air blockage in the air conditioner coil due to it being unclean will result in moisture formation on the coils and lines.  The moisture and dirt are the perfect combination for mold and mildew to grow.  This can prevent a serious health risk.  Sometimes there will be a musty smell inside once this starts to happen.  If you suspect you evaporator coil is growing mold then call for air conditioner coil cleaning as soon as you can before the problems gets worse.

Damage To Your AC Components Such As The Compressor

As your Air Conditioner operates components like the compressor begin to buildup heat.  The compressor can remain in operation only so long and once it reaches the end of it’s duty cycle it may fail.  Most newer air conditioners are designed to sense this rise in temperature and turn off the system before major damage happens.  One of the main reasons for this situation is that the unit is in need of an air conditioner coil cleaning.  Once the thermal overload circuit resets the system goes through the same cycle.  Over time this can slowly damage the compressor and other components.  If it isn’t taken care of then a more expensive air conditioning repair could become necessary.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Evaporator Coil Yourself

If you are the competent do it yourself type then doing this yourself could save you some money.  We do use an industrial strength AC coil cleaning solution, but the first thing you should try is water.  If you do want to mix your own homemade air conditioner coil cleaner solution then be sure not to use bleach or ammonia because they can react with the metals in your coil.  The best homemade air conditioner coil cleaner we know of is simply dish soap and a garden hose.  Don’t use anything with high pressure because it can bend the fins on the coil and reduce their cooling capacity.  Every system is a little different but checkout this link on air conditioner coil cleaning for an example of how to accomplish this task.

All Temp Refrigeration and Heating’s Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Service

We have been cleaning evaporator coils and central air conditioning systems throughout the Phoenix area for years.  We come highly recommend from our customers for air conditioner cleaning because of the top notch service we provide.  We only hire technicians that are trained and certified and have a passion for the job they do.  All Temp Refrigeration and Heating offers air conditioner coil cleaning service at a very affordable rate and we are very timely with our work.  You pay the price that we quote you because we inspect your system first to ensure there are no hidden costs.  We believe in educating our clients and are upfront and honest about all service needs.