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New Central Air Conditioning Units Can Save Energy

New Central Air Conditioning Units Can Save Energy

As many as eighty percent of the new homes being built in the U.S. are built with central air conditioning units installed.  Central air just makes sense, as it keeps the indoor temperatures comfortable while filtering and dehumidifying the air.  This is particularly nice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.  Fortunately, central air conditioning units can be installed in preexisting homes, too.

Choosing The Right Size

When shopping around for central air conditioning units, there are several things to consider.  One is the size of the home you will be cooling.  Air conditioning units come in different sizes, so it is important to choose the most efficient size for the cooling job you have in mind.  If the unit is too large, it won’t dehumidify properly.  To determine the right size, consult an HVAC contractor.  They should have access to a calculation method that can help you choose a size.

SEER Rating

Another important consideration in central air conditioning units is an efficiency measure called the SEER rating.  These letters stand for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  New air conditioners are required to have a rating of 13.  A unit that was installed over twenty years ago probably has a rating of only 7 or 8.  This is because technology has improved the energy efficiency.

By replacing old inefficient air conditioners with new central air conditioning units, you can save a lot of money in cooling costs.  It is estimated that increasing the SEER rating from 11.5 to 13 could save you over $500 each year in cooling costs.  Also, look for “Scroll(tm) technology” when choosing a compressor for the latest in efficiency.

Look For Energy Star

Another thing to look for in central air conditioning units is the “Energy Star.”  This is a certification given to new appliances that use less energy than other new models.  Of course, they use a lot less than equivalent units that are a number of years old.

Put Your Air Conditioning Unit In A Good Location

When installing central air conditioning units, the location of the outdoor unit can make a big difference.  If it is surrounded by vegetation or is under a deck, the air will not be able to flow freely in and out of it.  Not only that, the units can be noisy.  Don’t install it near an area where you like to enjoy eating or visiting outdoors, such as a patio or deck.

Home Energy Saving Devices

Devices That Can Save Energy In Your Home

If your electric meter is spinning as fast as slot machines for as long as you can remember, then today is the right time to be concerned. You are paying large on electric bills month after month right? And you are still trying to figure out how will you be able to lower down your energy cost to somehow make paying easier for you.

You see, you are not alone on this problem. Many Arizona households are trying to find ways on how to lower down their electric bills just like you. To be specific about it, there are two ways on how to cut the cost of your electric bill. One is to minimize the use of your devices. Two is to use home energy saving devices. The former deals with controlling your use of your devices and becoming more responsible in using them. The latter on the other hand entitles you to purchase specific devices to replace or add on your existing fixtures.

This article emphasizes on the use of home energy saving devices for 2 reasons:

  1. Home energy saving devices would let you save on electric bills.
  2. They let you save money without restricting your use of your devices.

Among all electronic devices you have in your home, the home’s heating and cooling system and the water heating system are the two biggest contributors why you receive big electric bills. Thus focusing on how to reduce consumption on these two would certainly affect the figures of your electric bill.  Keep in mind that you should always look for ENERGY STAR products that meet strict efficiency guidelines set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.

From here, we will discuss some ways on how reduce the cost of your monthly electric bills through the following home energy saving devices:

Home energy saving devices for your heating and cooling system

Centralized Heating & Cooling — this device would let you set your desired room temperature on each room. The central control will let you adjust the temperature even if you are not on that specific room. This is a great help if you have the tendency to leave the room and leave the heating and cooling system in its current state. Most households practice this way. And no one seems to care. But if you do, invest on centralized heating and cooling system.

Programmable Thermostat — Installing this device would let you set specific room temperature even if you are not home. The best example to use this is when you are often leaving the heating and cooling system as is when you leave home. Now, you can set the temperature minutes before you come home. Just set a temperature in a specific time and it will automatically adjust without you.

Remote Control Heating System — Even you are away or if you are just arriving or if you forget to change the thermostat before leaving, the remote controlled heating system works best. With a simple phone call, the thermostat will automatically change. The remote control heating system has special device to give you this convenience.

Home energy saving devices for your water heating system

The reduction of water consumption would yield to many good effects. And the number 1 effect we would like to hear is the cost we would save on electric bills. As the second biggest reason why we receive such large electric bill, here are the home energy saving devices you can use:

Low-Flow Showerhead — This device would let you save as much as 40% on your water consumption. And since you are using less water, your water heating system is less used.

Multi-Setting Showerheads — There are several showerheads with settings such as pause, spray, pulse, turbo pulse, and outsider spray. These functions let you save on water and in turn heating requirement.

Toilet Flush Water Saver — This device would let you save as much as 25% of your water consumption.

You may ask: Is it worth to invest on these devices? On the first months using these devices, you will certainly see the savings you get. But since you have invested money on these, the first months will literally just pay you back what you have spent to have these devices. But in the long run, when you are using these devices for years, savings are evidently felt.

How Refrigerant Leaks Impact Your AC Unit

Refrigerant leaks are a common problem with AC units in Arizona

Air conditioning systems are designed as closed systems, which are supposed to keep the air cool and dry, and any leakage in the pipelines can be catastrophic to the whole system. A refrigerant resembles the anti-freeze in your car, and is the substance that carries heat from your house and disperses it into the outdoor atmosphere.

Refrigerant does not dissipate or gets taken in, so there is no loss unless there is a leak in the one of the pipes or fittings.  HVAC professionals suggest that leaks be repaired without delay as they can worsen in time and cause the entire system to fail.  Rusty coils and oily residue are the most apparent indication that Refrigerant is leaking from your a/c system.

What Causes Refrigerant Leaks?

There are many possible reasons for leaks:

Weld joint fatigue: This is the most typical reason for Refrigerant leaking and impacts the evaporator coils in the attics. In extreme conditions, the coil can have a heat variety of 35 to 125 degrees, and can cycle through these conditions over a hundred times in a day. The weld joints consist of 2 metals that go through stress and pressure as they expand and contract at different rates depending on temperature. The pressure results in tiny fractures through which the refrigerant can leak out. Modern coils are designed to stand up to severe temperature level conditions for long periods of time.

Poor installation and welding strategies: The installation of air conditioning systems ought to be entrusted to only trusted HVAC specialists. Ensure your HVAC technician is properly trained and has experience installing and maintaining air conditioners.

Physical damage to the pipes: Nails and screws that are drilled through the walls to hold the line set can cause damage to the pipelines. Usually, it is tough to identify and repair such leakages because they lie behind the walls or other areas obscured from view.

Refrigerant Leak Repairs

There are a number of repair options for Refrigerant leakages:

Take care of the Leak: This is frequently a costly solution, and a proper leakage fix procedure includes the following:

  • Remove any remaining Refrigerant
  • Repair the leak by or the replace the defective component
  • Install a new filter or drier
  • Check for additional leaks by pressurizing the system
  • Vacuum the system and charge with Refrigerant

New refrigerant: Old refrigerant contains contaminants that can turn the system acidic.  This can wear down the components and pipes in the system. It is usually a good idea to replace the old refrigerant.

Leak Seal Treatment: This is a temporary fix that that can get you by for a short period of time before the formal repair is done.

Add more Refrigerant: There is no guarantee that it will work as it does not fix the leak. Eventually, the Refrigerant will leak out again.

Get a brand-new AC system: In case of significant damage, you might think about a full system replacement. The option of repair or replacement comes down to a financial choice of how long it will take you to recoup your costs. Talk with  an experienced HVAC technician to weigh the pro’s and con’s before making a choice.

Geothermal Heat Pumps Far Superior

Should You Purchase A Geothermal Heat Pump?

Few people are aware that geothermal heat pumps are an option when it comes to their heating and cooling needs. Most of us are aware that electric heat pumps are available but the new generation of geothermal units are just now gaining popularity. These state-of-the-art heat pumps provide the same continuous heating or cooling just like the electric pumps but they are far more efficient at doing so. If you are in need of a new heating/cooling system for your home or business, here are some reasons to consider purchasing a geothermal heat pump.

Environmental Friendliness

Let’s face it—the environment is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for everyone. We are all looking for ways to use less energy and pollute less. Geothermal heat pumps are simply the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling units available today. Plus, no system can rival a geothermal heat pump when it comes to energy efficiency or cost effectiveness. So, not only are these heat pumps environmentally friendly, they ultimately cost less to operate and consume less energy while doing so.

More Cost Effective Over Time

However, it is also very true that geothermal heat pumps will cost you more to purchase and install than other options. However, depending on the location and the cost of the other heating/cooling option, geothermal heat pumps will recover those added up-front costs within 6 or 7 years. After that point has been reached, geothermal heat pumps will save you money over the other heating/cooling options each and every single year it is in use. In the long run, these new age heating and cooling units will prove to be the most cost effective option available.

Quite And Efficient Operation

Geothermal heat pumps cool your home in the summer by removing excess heat and humidity from the home. This heat is then transferred to the earth where it naturally dissipates. The process is much quieter and less obtrusive than it is in conventional heat pumps.

In the winter, geothermal units heat your home by forcing fluid through pipes buried in the ground. This fluid picks up radiant heat coming from the ground. The heat absorbed by the liquid is then compressed within geothermal heat pumps in order to raise the temperature. The heat is then distributed throughout your home.

Lower Your Power Bill Due To Water Heater Expense

Geothermal heat pumps also offer the added advantage of providing homeowners with free or drastically reduced hot water. This savings alone can add up to hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars during the lifetime of a geothermal heat pump.

A Major Selling Point For Your Home

Although geothermal heat pumps are more expensive to purchase and install, they become the less expensive heating and cooling option as time progresses. Therefore, even if you are planning to move in the next few years but need a heating/cooling system right away, geothermal heat pumps may prove to be true selling points later on down the road. So, no matter what your plans for your home, installing a geothermal heat pump will always be a wise investment and provide you many worry-free years of heating and cooling comfort.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Home Air Purifier

4 Reasons To Purchase A Home Air Purifier

If you use the web, read magazines, or enjoy television, there is a likelihood that you have become aware of air purification systems. This is due in part to that high quality home air filters have enhanced in popularity over the past couple of years. Despite the increase in popularity, you might be questioning if you really have to purchase a state of the art air filter or purifier for your central heating and air conditioning system. Even if you do not really have to have one, there are still a number of advantages in making the purchase. Four reasons why you should buy an air purifier are laid out below.

1– Air Purifiers Produce Clean Air

Air cleansers are designed to clean the air by eliminating damaging contaminants and other toxins. These pollutants, if left in the air, can be unsafe. Cigarette smoke that remains in the air has a number of threats, consisting of an increased threat of lung cancer. An air cleanser can help to keep a house’s air clean.

As sited as an example above, many air cleansers get rid of hazardous and possibly harmful contaminants and contaminants from secondhand cigarette smoke. Did you know though that there is so much more that air cleansers can clean as well? Air cleansers also clean pollen, mold and mildew, and animal dander.

When particles are not removed from the air they can build up inside your air conditioning system.  The your AC’s evaporator coil is much less effective when it’s dirty.  The overall cooling efficiency is dramatically reduced.  When dirty, the evaporator coil is more susceptible to icing up which can cause your AC to run constantly.  Your AC’s components are stressed and will have a much shorter life span.

2– Air Purifiers Make Your Home More Healthy

Air cleansers work to capture and remove numerous damaging pollutants and toxins from the air, including family pet dander, pre-owned tobacco smoke, mildew, pollen, and mold. The presence of these potentially harmful and dangerous contaminants and toxins can make a home a hazardous location to be.

In addition to making your home much healthier, air purifiers can likewise make your house a happier place to be, for all residents as well as visitors. In truth, that is another among the many reasons that you ought to purchase an air purifier for your home.

3– Air Purifiers Help Those with Allergies and Asthma

As formerly specified, there are lots of toxins and toxins that fill most homes. Did you know that some houses have more toxins inside than there is outdoors? This is true in most cases, mainly due to the fact that are windows are closed in the summer season due to using a/c unit and they are enclosed the winter due to cold. This does not allow much chance for fresh air to enter the house or for contaminated air to leave.

Long-term direct exposure to home pollutants and toxins isn’t helpful for anybody, however it can be damaging or even deadly for those experiencing a number of medical conditions. Two of these conditions include allergies or asthma. If you experience asthma or allergies or if you have a relative who does, you are motivated to use air purifiers as a method to seek relief.

4– Air Purifiers Are Easy to Find and Buy

In addition to having a number of air purifier makes and models to select from, you also have a number of purchase points to choose from. Air cleansers are sold online, at regional house improvement stores, as well as in lots of department stores.

As you can see, there are a variety of benefits to purchasing and utilizing an air cleanser in your home. Four of those factors where detailed above. As a reminder, you have a number of various air cleansers to select from, so be sure to read scores and reviews online. This can help to guarantee that you pick the air cleanser that is finest for you and your needs.

Air purifiers are developed to clean the air by eliminating damaging contaminants and other contaminants. An air cleanser can assist to keep a house’s air clean.

As it was previously stated, air cleansers work to record and get rid of numerous hazardous pollutants and toxins from the air, consisting of pet dander, previously owned tobacco smoke, mildew, pollen, and mold. Air cleansers are offered online, at local home improvement stores, as well as in lots of department shops.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to buying and making use of an air purifier in your house.

Debt Consolidation Advice

Debt Consolidation Advice: How to Find the Best Program

One of the bigger problems we see when it comes to financing is too much debt.  Most customers prefer to finance new air conditioning systems.  Some run into trouble because they have too much debt and low credit scores.

Credit Counseling Companies

If you’re deep in debt and having difficulty paying your bills, one of the best sources of debt consolidation advice and help is a credit counseling company. Credit counseling companies can offer you debt consolidation advice including how to use credit lines wisely, helping you to establish a workable budget, and how to keep track of your bills and best manage your money. A trained and certified debt consolidation advice specialist can arrange a repayment plan with all of your creditors and place you on the track to financial security.

Debt Consolidation

Once you have selected a reputable consolidation advice agency, you will be asked to provide information about your income, expenses and debts. The counselor then evaluate the information and discuss your situation with you before making recommendations and offering the most appropriate debt consolidation advice for your situation to help you address your financial problems. Some useful pieces of debt consolidation advice may be participation in an educational class, enrolling in a debt-management/repayment plan. However, the debt consolidation advice may extend to areas other than financial which include referral to another organization, such as a relationship counseling or state employment agency for assistance. After all, the debt consolidation advice service understands that there are many underlying factors that led to your financial difficulties and that these also have an impact on other areas of your life.

Research Your Options

You need to spend some time researching your options and take extra care to select a reputable debt consolidation advice agency. Most importantly you should be able to find a debt consolidation advice agency that has satisfied clients, offers personalized service from trained counselors, can educate you how to make appropriate financial choices and will provide you with the tools you need to achieve financial security.

Choose The Best Company

Don’t be tempted to think that just because a debt consolidation advice company has a big advertising campaign means it is the best. Quite often the only reason that a debt consolidation advice service has placed large and numerous adverts in various forms of media it is because they have not got enough clients! You would also be wise to ignore telephone calls or e-mails that arrive out of the blue from debt consolidation advice companies offering their services. The best debt consolidation advice services will often rely on past clients for referrals; they do not need to solicit business through constant television advertising, infomercials and telemarketing or spam e-mails.

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Are you looking for an air conditioner coil cleaning service?  All Temp Refrigeration and Heating provides trusted professional AC service to Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and other local Arizona cities.  Before cleaning the coils the first thing you should check is that you have a clean air filter installed.  Keeping the air filter clean can dramatically reduce the need for air conditioner coil cleaning and should be done on a monthly basis.  If your asking “Do I need to clean my air conditioner’s coils ?” you should know that dirty coils can lead to many issues with your Air Conditioners operation.

  • Air flow is restricted
  • Coils buildup ice
  • Cooling efficiency is reduced
  • Mold or mildew may grow
  • Compressor damage

Poor Air Flow Through AC Unit’s Coils

Your home’s ventilation system is designed to deliver a certain amount of CFM of air to the various zones in your house.  When the air flow is slowed due to the buildup of dust and debris on the evaporator coil your HVAC system must work harder.  Longer run times contribute to higher costs on your electric bill.  A thorough air conditioner coil cleaning must be preformed to restore proper air flow to your house.  Once the coils become packed with debris a little air conditioner coil cleaning solution can make a big difference in performance.

Iced Up Evaporator Coil

Moisture in the air hits the cold evaporator coils and condenses on them.  Your AC system relies on air flow to dehumidify or remove the moisture.  When it isn’t able to remove the water fast enough the water can freeze and turn into ice.  Ice buildup can continue to occur until an air conditioner coil cleaning has been done.  The ice further reduces the air flow allowing more ice to build.  The problem gets worse and may eventually stop all air flow to your house.

Reduction in efficiency due to lack of air conditioner coil cleaning

An air conditioning system will continue to operate until it reaches the desired temperature inside your house.  If the evaporator coil is blocked with dirt the system will not be able to cool as good as it could if it were clean.  The evaporator coil is responsible for removing heat from the air circulated over it and into your home.  Heat transfer is reduced if the air cannot make good contact with the coil.  The only way for the A/C system to compensate is to run longer.  The increase in run time will raise your operating cost and negatively affect your power bill.

Dirty Air Conditioning Coils May Cause Mold Or Mildew Growth

Air blockage in the air conditioner coil due to it being unclean will result in moisture formation on the coils and lines.  The moisture and dirt are the perfect combination for mold and mildew to grow.  This can prevent a serious health risk.  Sometimes there will be a musty smell inside once this starts to happen.  If you suspect you evaporator coil is growing mold then call for air conditioner coil cleaning as soon as you can before the problems gets worse.

Damage To Your AC Components Such As The Compressor

As your Air Conditioner operates components like the compressor begin to buildup heat.  The compressor can remain in operation only so long and once it reaches the end of it’s duty cycle it may fail.  Most newer air conditioners are designed to sense this rise in temperature and turn off the system before major damage happens.  One of the main reasons for this situation is that the unit is in need of an air conditioner coil cleaning.  Once the thermal overload circuit resets the system goes through the same cycle.  Over time this can slowly damage the compressor and other components.  If it isn’t taken care of then a more expensive air conditioning repair could become necessary.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Evaporator Coil Yourself

If you are the competent do it yourself type then doing this yourself could save you some money.  We do use an industrial strength AC coil cleaning solution, but the first thing you should try is water.  If you do want to mix your own homemade air conditioner coil cleaner solution then be sure not to use bleach or ammonia because they can react with the metals in your coil.  The best homemade air conditioner coil cleaner we know of is simply dish soap and a garden hose.  Don’t use anything with high pressure because it can bend the fins on the coil and reduce their cooling capacity.  Every system is a little different but checkout this link on air conditioner coil cleaning for an example of how to accomplish this task.

All Temp Refrigeration and Heating’s Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Service

We have been cleaning evaporator coils and central air conditioning systems throughout the Phoenix area for years.  We come highly recommend from our customers for air conditioner cleaning because of the top notch service we provide.  We only hire technicians that are trained and certified and have a passion for the job they do.  All Temp Refrigeration and Heating offers air conditioner coil cleaning service at a very affordable rate and we are very timely with our work.  You pay the price that we quote you because we inspect your system first to ensure there are no hidden costs.  We believe in educating our clients and are upfront and honest about all service needs.


Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

A healthy environment in the home is an issue that is on the mind of many residents in the Phoenix area.  Indoor air quality is a very important part of your homes A/C system.  Poor air quality can contribute to many different respiratory health issues.  If  you are wondering how to improve indoor air quality, one of your first lines of defense is the air filter in your homes ventilation system.  A good central air conditioning filter can remove mold, smoke, pollen, and pet dander as well as other particles.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

  • Particles from dust mites and cockroaches, pet hair, and dust.
  • Bioaerosols such as mold, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and animal dander.
  • Odors from second hand smoke, fuel burning stoves, and fireplaces.
  • Chemical Vapors such as radon gas, formaldehyde, paint, and cooking oil.

Indoor Air Quality Products

Choosing the right indoor air quality product can be a challenging task. An important thing to look at is the air filter’s MERV rating.  The MERV rating can help you determine the effectiveness of the indoor air quality product your considering. All Temp Refrigeration and Heating trusts manufactures such as Lennox and American Standard to deliver pure clean air throughout the residence as the air conditioning system heats or cools the air.

MERV Particle Size Contaminate
1-4 > 10.0 um Pollen, carpet fibers, dust mites
5-8 10.0-3.0 um Mold, pet dander
9-12 3.0-1.0 um Legionella, fine dust
13-16 1.0-0.3 um Bacteria, most smoke, smog

Lennox Indoor Air Quality

The Lennox PUREAIR Air Purification System is an excellent choice as your home’s air filtration system.  Lennox uses a MERV 16 precision pleat that is efficient at removing the smallest particles.  Their indoor air quality technology creates no ozone.  The PUREAIR system has a minimal restriction on air flow and can allow as small of an air pressure drop as their competitor’s MERV 11 and MERV 13 filters. Contact us to install a Lennox PUREAIR system in your home.

American Standard Indoor Air Quality

The AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration System is a superior indoor air quality product.  American Standard doesn’t use MERV ratings like most or their competitors, and specs their products with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).  AccuClean can remove ultra fine particles as small as 1/700th the size of a human hair. Their system can remove up to 99.98% of allergens from the filtered air and is very economical to run.  The AccuClean system can also keep the air below 50% humidity which will reduce dust mites.  Contact us if you are considering an AccuClean air filtration system.